Be a good programming partner.


Figure 1: The ideal partner - a human rubber duck

A good project partner:

  1. Has a similiar skill level
    • Why do you think this is good?
  2. Communicates a lot
    • You can reach them anytime.
    • Close (Proximity).
  3. Wants to learn and is willing to work for it.

  4. Helps & supports you.

A bad project parter:

  1. Has a drastically different skill level
    • Why do you think this is a problem?
  2. Lack of communication
    • You can’t talk to them or they are unresponsive.
    • Can’t meet due to distances/times.
  3. Doesn’t want to learn or work.

  4. Doesn’t help you or support you.

Steps to being a good partner:

  1. Dont’t be a bad project partner.
  2. ...?
  3. Profit!

General tips

  1. Pair programming is awesome.
    1. tl;dr - A real life rubberduck!!!!
    2. Helps catch mistakes and ensures that both of you work on it.
    3. One person types and the other watches over closely and assists.
    4. Why is this good?
  2. Don’t just split the work in half and not touch the other parts
    1. Most importantly, you cut your learning in half
    2. Can’t help the other person
    3. What if the other person can’t finish?
    4. Hard to estimate workload
  3. Be sure to make the distribution of work relatively equal.
    1. Not good to feel like you are doing more of the work
    2. No-one should be “carrying”
  4. Communicate a lot

  5. Don’t email or use google docs to share code. Use a private version control system

  6. Conflicts
    1. Occur usually because one person is doing more work
    2. Make sure your partner is reachable. Proximity, Messaging, Calls
    3. Always look at other persons contributions - make sure you understand it.
    4. Address issues right away.
    5. You can change partners!