CS98 - Spring 2015

Practical Problem Solving with Programming


First Steps


Current Topics

Week 1 - Reasoning & Grit

This week will get students excited/motivated & make them comfortable reasoning through code (by converting code to english).

Week 2 - Enviroment & Debugging

We’ll make sure that students are comfortable and productive with their text editors and unix. Then we’ll practice using a methodical approach to debugging.

Week 3 - Collaboration & Git

Most programming doesn’t happen alone - This week we’ll go over strategies and tools to collaborate effectively. We’ll be using a tool called Git - which can help you on your first group project.

Week 4 - Reading Code

A lot of programming is just reading code - this week we will practice skills to read & understand code. We’ll also go over what makes for good style & how to use documentation.

Week 5 - Building Real Things

This is where the course ties everything backtogether and we learn how to build real things. We’ll build a version of IBM’s Watson supercomputer with just the skills we’ve learnt so far in our CS classes. This will also cover how to think of ideas for a project or startup. These skills will help you be able to make your own projects and eventually land an awesome internship or job.

Contact Info

Sumukh Sridhara
sumukh @ berkeley.edu

Piazza: http://piazza.com/berkeley/summer2014/cs42


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How to Think Like A Computer Scientist by Brad Miller, David Ranum.

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